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Our aim is to share with you the beauty of travelling to Cabrera.

Welcome on board!

From a group of friends with a strong seafaring tradition in Colonia de Sant Jordi and closely linked to the Cabrera Archipelago by the experiences of their ancestors, Marcabrera arises as an idea to share the beauty of its natural landscapes associated with the Mediterranean and stories and legends trapped in stone crannies.

Born in 2008, moving away from the trips back and forth and bringing a new concept of journey to Cabrera for small groups. First innovate with our high performance boats in safety and comfort, then we added new routes that circumnavigate the archipelago as well as audio guides and elements that allow us to interpret the origin and evolution of the landscape and draw us in the footsteps of all the cultures that have emerged our Mediterranean shores.

Thanks to the favorable reception that took our initiatives in you, our fellow travelers, we were designing and setting over the sea new vessels, in addition to advancing our corporate social commitment, implementing our social project "A Sea for All", to through which approached the sea and navigation for disabled people; We have also initiated projects of environmental education for schoolchildren and collaborations conducted scientific studies associated with our beloved Archipelago of Cabrera.

Our second major concern has been the conservation of natural values. To do this, we implement an ambitious environmental management system, high efficiency standards in the choice of our equipment and engines and more recently, collaboration agreements and protection of forest areas to minimize the carbon footprint generated by our business.

Blue Flag

Marcabrera was the first sea excursion and maritime transport company awarded with the Blue Flag-2015. The international distinction was granted to the three vessels of the fleet.

With the Blue Flag for vessels, responsible behavior was recognized, along with a firm commitment to respect and promote the environmental code of conduct at sea and in the port.

Hoisting the Blue Flag on our vessels accredited us as strong advocates for marine life and the encouragement of good practices.

By choosing Marcabrera, we guaranteed that you would engage in activities that absolutely respected the environment and strictly followed our compliance with the non-pollution policy.

Marcabrera Company Culture


Promoting new forms of engagement, proximity and immediacy to users of our routes to emotional values experienced when visiting areas of high ecological value terrestrial ocean.


Being leaders in the creation, promotion and management of marine and land routes covered in environmental philosophies, participating and engaging people, other companies and public institutions in active conservation policies and strong support for scientific research.
Efficient use friendly processes and environment.

We persevere in the continual improvement to maintain the competitiveness of our activities.
We adhere to ethical and deep respect for the individual principles and seek the common benefit of our partners and collaborators.


A world where environmental values would be important to consider are and where decisions are supported by this concept and ensure the welfare and the balanced development of future generations, legating an ocean where it is recovered biodiversity and remain possible the local fishing cultures.


Excellence in products, services, processes, work environment and relations with the commercial, social and environmental surroundings.
Honesty and responsibility to maintain a healthy relationship with others. It is for this reason that we respect the truth in everything we do and adjust prices to ensuring our continuity, we can offer the best choice for all our customers.
Competitiveness and quality based on research, innovation, perseverance, continuous improvement and teamwork.
Leadership, ethics and common sense in each of our decisions.

Commitment to our partners, suppliers, customers and the conservation of nature, as well as future generations so that they can enjoy a healthy environment.
Respect for people in terms of their values, rights, individual faiths and beliefs.

Responsibility to society to create channels return the benefits to the organization Marcabrera.
Focus on long-term policies to ensure viability and commitment.

We hope to continue writing the future. Day by day, with the passion that characterizes us and the utmost attention to our customers, which are the essence and rationale of Marcabrera.Welcome aboard!