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Landing and Blue Cave

Straight to the National Park. Less sailing, more time on land.

max.50 people
09:30 h.
15:30 h.
6 h.
11:30 h.
17:30 h.
6 h.
13:30 h.
19:30 h.
6 h.

We will set sail straight to the port of Cabrera National Park, where you will have a couple of free hours to enjoy an idyllic place full of spectacular landscapes and clear waters. And to round it off, a swim in the Blue Cave.

The complete duration of the excursion is of approximately six hours ad the duration of the stay in Cabrera is approximately four hours.

NOTICE: The departure and arrival times shown above refer to the ones at the Harbour of Colònia de Sant Jordi.



Salida del puerto de la Colònia de Sant Jordi, y llegada al Archipiélago de Cabrera. Duración del trayecto: Pnumàticas de 12 pax. (15 minutos), barco de 50 pax. (20 minutos)
Navegación ya dentro del Parque, recorriendo los islotes que precedentes, hasta el puerto de Cabrera, en el que desembarcamos 10 minutos después. (ver mapa recorrido)
Recepción e información por parte de los guías del servicio de Interpretación del Parque Nacional.
Inicio de la excursión guiada complementaria. ¡Totalmente opcional! (ver nuestro catálogo)
A la hora indicada, salida del puerto rumbo a “Sa Cova Blava”, donde si el tiempo lo permite, entraremos para tomar un refrescante baño en su interior (equipo de snorkel a tu disposición a bordo)
Salida de la cueva y regreso directamente al puerto de la Colònia de Sant Jordi.
  • Departure from the port of Colònia de Sant Jordi and arrival in the Cabrera Archipelago. Travel time: boat of 50 people (40 minutes).
  • We will sail across the National Park, discovering the different small islands that precede the access to the natural port of Cabrera, where we will disembark 10 minutes later. (see route map)
  • Welcome and information provided by the guides of the Interpretation Centre of the National Park.
  • Departure from the port at the specified time towards the Blue Cave, where, weather permitting, we will enter and take a cool dive.Snorkel equipment on sale in our office (C/ Gabriel Roca nº20) and on board (Marcabrera II boat of 50 people).
  • Departure from the cave and return journey to the port of Colònia de Sant Jordi.


Main points of interest

The main attractions include:
The Castle of Cabrera (declared a Cultural fortification, the first reference dates from 1410) which you can enjoy a breathtaking view, the Monument to honor the French soldiers (prisoners between 1809 and 1811), the picturesque harbor canteen , L'Enciola lighthouse (nice trip 3 hours) excursion "Na Picamosques" (only with licensed guide), the Museum of Cabrera (lifted from an old "Celler").